Starting a band may seem pretty self-explanatory but there is a lot of factors you need to consider and take on board when organizing a group of this sort. In the event that you don’t approach setting up your band right, you’ll find yourself constantly replacing members, attempting to prepare the new individuals to play the tunes, et cetera. Save yourself all the hassle and trouble and keep reading further to find out how you can organize a functional band that will help you achieve your music goals and dreams

Band Chemistry

The chemistry between band members can be told from the time their play their first song together as how well your band members, their playing, singing and understanding meshes with each other and compliments each other will be a true testament as to whether you can truly function well as a team or a band so take it for a spin and test out how well your band members sound and complement each other and the final product.

Pick The Members

Picking out the members that you want on the band with you is hardcore because there maybe people who are really hoping for a chance. However, everything depends on how the final products sounds so do a few test runs and swap out members in between to figure out what makes the perfect mix.

Ask people who know how to play instruments and sing to some for this initial meeting. The cute girl who class who has taken a couple of drum lessons won’t do it for you so know who to invite.

It is also best to stick to what you know in terms of the music instruments since this is not really the time to start taking private guitar lessons and brush up your vocals. It is now go time so you got to get to work. If there are people who insist on going against your orders and has a difficult personality to deal with. Every band has at some point had that guy. Yeah, ditch that guy. He’s only going to drag you down.

Play Gigs

When you’re a band that’s just beginning out and you practice in your basement every Fridays, you need to prepare yourself fully first and then immerse yourself into the world of playing gigs. In the beginning, you likely won’t get paid so it’ll mostly have to start off as a volunteer thing and then once you create some exposure for yourself and gained some fans, you can go ahead and start demanding for payments.

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